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Our phone line is up and running call (905) 792 6668 to order ^^

-from pho 123 team

A bowl of beef broth

Do you love rice?

We do, and that's what made our rice dishes super delicious

a bowl of noodle

You want noodles soup?

We are proud to have the famous authentic "Pho" to serve you

a dish of dumplings

Are you a foodie?

We highly recommend you to try our fresh rolls.

Be careful, they are irresistible!

Our Story Begins In The East

In the past, Vietnam was  the main trading harbor for South East Asia. Due to economic advantage, many different countries including China, Mongolia, France, and America  tried to conquer our land for many decades. 


Even though wars impacted our economy deeply, our cuisine still grew rapidly by acquiring all the cooking inspirations from foreigners.


After many years , we have attained the refine flavor from the East. Our cuisine has become very famous around the world, especially "Phở".


Today, we proudly present to you an authentic Vietnamese cuisine that has been evolving for more than thousands of years.


"When you eat

a bowl of 'Pho',

feel the refinedtaste from

the East"

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